Mischtechnik , Öl , Collage auf Karton , 70x 50cm . Signiert .(Artikel wird ohne rahmen gelifert.) Ich bin der Vertreter des Künstlers Europa und des Mittlerer Osten .

    BIOGRAPHY Name: Abd El Wahab Morsi Birth Date: 23/2/1931 Birth Place: Alsharkeia Governorate/Egypt

    EDUCATION Bachelor of Science – Faculty of fine arts – Cairo, 1957 Diploma of the art education institute for teachers, 1958 Free studies in engraving, San Fernando University, Spain, 1971-1972

    JOBS AND POSITIONS Working for the antiquities registration center 1958-1974. General controller of the exhibitions affiliated to the general authority of arts and literature and the general controller of the museums.

    SOLO EXHIBITIONS Exhibition in the modern art museum, Cairo/Egypt, 1961 Exhibition in Gallery Akhetaton, Cairo/Egypt, 1964 Exhibition in the fine art gallery, Cairo/Egypt, 1967 Exhibitions in Goethe hall, Cairo/Egypt, 1970, 1975, 1981 Exhibition in the Modern art gallery, Geneva, Swiss, 1971 Exhibition in Tobson gallery, Madrid, Spain,1972 Exhibition in Belgium, 1982 Exhibition in Austria, 1983 Exhibitions in Paris- France, 1981-1982 Exhibition in Frankfurt, west Germany, 1981

    Exhibition in Josef Broz Tito museum, Titograde – Yugoslavia, 1990 Exhibitions in Khan Almaghrabi, Cairo/Egypt 1996, 1999 The exhibition of “some art”, Picasso gallery, Zamalek Cairo/Egypt, 2005 Exhibition in Extra gallery, Zamalek, Cairo/Egypt, 2006 Picasso gallery, Zamalek Cairo/Egypt, 2008

    THE LOCAL GROUP EXHIBITION Participated in several general, group exhibitions and the plastic art movement in Egypt The exhibition of art and revolution, Alexandria/Egypt, 1958 Cairo Salon, Cairo/Egypt, 1961, 1964, 1965,1967 Participated in the general exhibitions and the national exhibitions till the national exhibition, 1999 The national exhibition of plastic arts, Cairo/Egypt the session 27, 2001, The national exhibition for plastic arts, Cairo Egypt, the session 29, 2005 The fourth honoring exhibition for the artists born in January, February, March, in 1888- 1935, Abaad hall, the Egyptian modern art museum, Cairo/ Egypt, April 2006. The first creative art festival, Egypt Salon, Cairo/Egypt, the first session, 2007

    THE INTERNATIONAL GROUP EXHIBITIONS Participated in Alexandria Biennale /Egypt in the years: 1957-1959-1961-1968- 1970-1996 Participated in the international exhibition in Belgrade/ Yugoslavia 1961 Participated in Paris international Biennale/ France for youth artists 1965 Participated in the exhibition of Tatent Yellow Gallery/ Paris/ France 1965 Participated in the International exhibition for arts / Senegal 1966 Participated in Venice International Biennale/ Italy 1968 Participated in the Sport Biennale Madrid/Spain 1969 Participated in the African festival/Algeria 1969 Participated in Geneva exhibition/ Swiss 1971 Participated in Toison gallery exhibition/ Spain 1972 Participated in Nika exhibition / Japan 1973 Participated in an exhibition in France 1975 Participated in Rabat Biennale/ Morocco 1975 Participated in Venice International Biennale/ Italy 1976 Participated in the contemporary Egyptian art exhibition / Holland 1976 Participated in the contemporary Egyptian art exhibition / France 1976 Participated in the contemporary Egyptian art exhibition / Mexico 1978 Participated in the contemporary Egyptian art exhibition/ Germany 1979 Participated in Valparaiso exhibition/ Chile 1979 Participated in an exhibition/ Austria 1982 Participated in India international Triennial/India 1991 Participated in the contemporary Egyptian art exhibition / Spain 1994 Participated in the contemporary Egyptian art exhibition / France 1999 Participated in the contemporary Egyptian art exhibition /Tunisia 2000 Participated in Beijing International Biennale/ China 2005 The guest of honor Cairo Biennale 2007

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